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Here is a little, let's call it 'collection', of the pics from Carpark North + me It's always nice to talk to them even if it's about the most random shit on this planet. You can talk with them about everything! Just try it! :D

Lau, Søren and me in Berlin (04/22/11)


Bochum (07/22/11)

Flensburg (11/12/11) Pic is way too dark and it's not my fault!! xD

Bochum (11/13/11) I found an explanation why Søren is always so shiny on my pictures. a) He's an angel or b) his aura. Poll is coming soon

Hamburg (11/14/11) I really couldn't look happy coz I had to leave my best friend (holding hands with me &hearts on that evening and it we actually cried a few moments before we took the picture.. #awkwardmoment

Tübingen (11/24/11) Alright. This is my favorite group picture in the world ♥ I'm making the dumbest face but yeah, I can live with it. Thanks guys for doing this


to be continued.. :p


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