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This is a blog about the concerts I've visited. As far as I remember them.. started with the first one in 2011 cuz the other one's are waaaaay too long ago. Let's start with the person behind this blog..



Hej, my name is Lorena, I'm 18 years old and I live in Germany. The city I live in is pretty much in the north part.. but not too much Still 350 km away from the danish border xD I live alone but my family is still around me Mhh...I have a dog, her name is Suse and an Axolot, his name is *coughs* Jared. Love them both :')

I really like to listen to music, go to concerts and make music by myself even if I know that I'm not the best and that it doesn't sound good but it's really fun and I think thats everything that counts. My other hobbies are.. photography, my animals & family, go for long walks, reading, languages and travelling. Languages: I used to speak German and English but I'm learning Finnish, Italian and Danish now

This is my Hjemby.


And here are some pictures. My hobby I really like to take pictures of flowers and skies lol


Whatever, I don't know what to write. I'll add some more informations later


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