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Carpark North in Hamburg @ LOGO (11/14/11)

Location: LOGO, Hamburg

Date: 11/14/2011

Support Act: Rubylux

Doors: 08:00 pm

Pictures: exactly here .

Videos: same again. on my YouTube Channel

Distance: 200 km



11/12/11 - Flensburg

11/13/11 - Bochum

11/14/11 - Hamburg

11/24/11 - Tübingen


We started our tour at 11:00 am. 4 hours later than planned xD First stop: Mc Donalds to get something to eat. Trust me, never eat stuff like that in the morning. It's disgusting. After that we started our very first Carpark North related roadtrip to Hamburg. 371 km up north.. yay! We stopped at some rest areas to eat and rest and we just had so much fun. Everyone of us was wearing a Carpark North Hoodie and sunglasses. We're VIP's you know And after some delay and a none-working navigation system we arrived at 06:00 pm in Hamburg. That navigator.. i think it missed it's job. We never wanted to start a sight-seeing tour through Hamburg when it's dark and foggy.

On our way to the venue we met Clark and Adam from Rubylux and Corinna asked me if I could take a picture of them and the picture is.. not good. I was just like "Oh shit.." and Adam asked "What's wrong?" Me: "The picture looks like..IDK.." He: "Shit?" Me: "Yeah." Clark looked at the pic and was like "Oh gosh, I had no idea that it's snowing!" cuz it really looks like it :D We made a deal that we'll take a new picture inside :D

When we arrived at the venue I could see my friend Anja. We started talking about everything and how she spent the day in Flensburg. Corinna was freezing that was the reason why we went for a little walk. Then we got the idea to get a drink. We stopped at a cocktail bar and ordered a nice one. Remember: ONE drink. It was time to leave for us cuz it was 7:50 pm and the doors opened at 8:00 pm. As we walked down the street we saw Carpark's tourbus and guess who walked towards us? Balsner. We started talking a little and he told us that he just came out of the shower. *coughs* those *coughs* images *coughs* And we took a picture together (coming soon). Corinna said "If you ask who's drunk, we will raise our hands." Søren seemed to be very happy about that and was like "Oh really?" and the stupid and drunk me was just like "Yeeep, we just had a few cocktails. Ok it was one but veery strong!" That made him laugh.. He went into the bus and we back to the venue. Gosh. Why am I always like that? :D Whatever, here is the picture..

 Me gusta.

After getting in we kinda found ourselves in front of Søren again. Don't know why but yeah, it's fun watching him.

Support Act: Rubylux

Still in love with these guys.

Rob told us that Clark learned a German sentence. It was "Ich habe Käse auf meinem Brot." (I have cheese on my bread.) Congrats Clark. Me too :D

Adam was right in front of us and in one song we just couldn't take our eyes away from him and I think he noticed it cuz he smiled at us through this little "hole" between his keyboard, microphone stand and laptop. Corinna and me just looked at each other and started laughing.

Dunno what happened but they've asked something and after a few "Who wants to...?" Clark was just like "Who wants to smell my armpit?" - DEAD SILENCE. I think that made him a little bit sad... poor guy. But hey, one day someone will smell your armpit. Don't be too sad

When Rubylux started to remove their instruments from the stage, I could see Adam hitting one of the lamps with his keyboard. But nothing happened Adam, the lamp + keyboard are still alive. His face was just too funny..

Main-Act: Carpark North

Oh boy. That was amazing.

"Shutdown". One of my favorite songs. Søren played his part so freaking cool! Seriously. I can't even explain but I can show you so you might understand what I mean.. click on the note His moves (like Jagger *sings*), his expression..damn..

The funniest thing was while they've played "Transparent and Glasslike". There was a beam (if that's the right translation..) in the middle of the stange and Lau and Søren ran around it like little children :D

Søren was like "Hamburg is amazing, lots of people but they don't wanna keep up coming to our shows so we have to stop at some point" and we were just like "NO, WE DO!" and Corinna and me got louder and louder "We do" - "WE DOO!" and then Søren looked at us. Corinna said "We just drove 7 hours today to see you guys.. 7 hours!!" and Søren replied "You do?" and winked.. yes we do. And then Lau, from so far away said "That's nice, thank you!" and gave us an 'air kiss'. Fyeah. Wanna see it? Click on the triangle

Oh my gosh, they way Lau sang "Fireworks" was so beautiful. Not like that the normal version sucks or so, deffo not, but this one was just.. breathtaking.

Søren and Anja battled each other again. So cool! And guess what? Couldn't take a video. Damn camera.. next time.

Almost the end: The guys in a row. Ready to get the biggest applause and what did I had to see? Søren grabbed Mortens butt. Yes, I saw it Søren. Explain it when we meet again ;D

At the end of the show Corinna and me got very sad cuz there wasn't that much time left. Corinna and Dima had to leave... we went outside to smoke a cig and the guys from Rubylux where there too. Just not smoking Adam gave me 3 more buttons and was like "You have everything?" Me:"Yep, thank you." He, pointing at my hoodie:"There's still some space!" LOL that was fun.

After getting back in Corinna took my hand and went straight to Lau. And now, with tears in my eyes, I'm telling you what she just said. "Lau, I just wanna thank you guys for bringing her into my life.  We are best friends and we met us through you guys." and I couldn't say a word or look at him cuz I was too busy with holding my tears.. he was just like "Aw, that's beautiful!" He looked at me and asked:"What's wrong?" Me: "I have to leave her soon " He: "You don't live near each other?" Me:"No.." so sad.. damn.. then she pulled me over to Morten and said the same to him and all he said was "Nice." And then, the most awesome and unexpected thing happened. While Corinna was saying 'thank you' to Søren and while I was still trying to hold my tears, he noticed that we were holding hands and said totally happy: "OH MY GOD, and you're holding hands!!!! You're so cute!!" and he gave us the biggest hug ever. Get it? A HUG. We didn't even asked for it he just.. almost pulled us over the table and oh my gosh this is going to be my favorite best-friend-favorite-band-memory ever. Back to the hug... still laughing about my thoughts. "Oh my god, what is he doing there?! OMG your arm! You have to hug him too!!" Seriously, that made me cry.

So we just went back outside to smoke another cig but we first had to stop at the door where Rubylux were cuz the door was pretty small and there were people coming in and out and Rob just looked at me and he seemed to be a bit worried. Aww...

Back in again we took another picture with Carpark. Together There you go..



As you can see, Corinna and me were still holding hands and I look so sad, god, this is embarrassing.

We also had the chance to take a group picture with Rubylux. Here t is:


Looooove it

A few minutes went by and then they really had to leave.. it was so horrible.. we went back to car to get my suitcase and then Corinna and Dima brought me back to venue cuz Anja was waiting there for me. Never cried so much on one day.. it's so hard when you have to leave your best friend in this world. After a long time of hugging, kissing and crying they left the place.. Anja tried to comfort me but that made me cry even harder but she made me laugh on our way to the train station cuz she forgot to take her golden shoe off lol

We waited at Mc Donalds for like 5-6 hours and we had a lot of fun watching the pictures and videos of the show. Also got something to eat and drink. Just like in the morning: never eat it in the night - euww. My train came at 5:00 am and the ride was aweful. I actually had to arrive at 7:00 am but the train had 50 minutes delay so I had to go to work with my suitcase and was 15 minutes late and SUPER tired.

The show was crazy and by far the best one ever. We thought it was the last one til next year but we were wrong. I'll tell you the story in my Tübingen review

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