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Carpark North in Tübingen @ Sudhaus (11/24/11)

Location: Sudhaus, Tübingen

Date: 11/24/2011

Support Act: Glasperlenspiel

Doors: 08:00 pm

Pictures: in my online album

Videos: YouTube Channel . click it or leave it.

Distance: normally 570 km, had to stop in Wuppertal to pick up my friends (ok, they picked me up..), so 753 km



11/12/11 - Flensburg

11/13/11 - Bochum

11/14/11 - Hamburg

11/24/11 - Tübingen


That was unexpected.

Sunday: Corinna and me were talking about how funny it would be to go to their last show in Germany but we realised that this mission was impossible (get it? xD). I had to work, it was too late to get two days off and I hadn't had any money left for a long tour like that. Somewhere, late in the evening she texted me. "I convinced my boyfriend to drive us - what do you say?" First thought - start breathing. I was confused, unsure and overwhelmed and I just couldn't decide If I should go or not. Just for the record: I really wanted to but it seemed to be pretty hard.. she gave me some time to think.

Monday: Went to my mum to talk about that with her and she said that it's a bad idea cuz I was sick and just not feeling well. We decided to make a little pro/contra list to see if there are other reasons not to go - but there wasn't another one! After that, Corinna texted me again and asked me if I made a decision but I still wasn't sure what to do. Then I called her and told her about the things and she said that they'll give me the money for the train and the ticket. Like.. seriously.. I'm so thankful to have friends like them! No one ever in my life did something like that for me.. no one.. But the whole thing made me feel bad so I still couldn't accept that huge gift - at the end she made me accepting it and the thing was sure. We are going to Tübingen.

Wednesday: Needed two days off. So I went to the doc and said that I'm sick. I mean, I was sick so there's nothing wrong.. I got a sick leave and some medicine.

Thursday - the day: My train went at 5:20 am in the morning. That means that I had to leave at 4:30 am cuz my bus came at 4:43 am. It was the first one this morning and I wanted to be sure not to miss the train or something like that. After 4 hours I arrived in Wuppertal. I was so happy to see my friends again. After 'my arrival' we drove to Dima's home and something to eat there.

We started our second Carpark North related roadtrip at around 12:30 pm. At the first stop we noticed that we forgot a few things so we had to drive back to Wuppertal.. awkward : ) So our second try started at 02:00 pm. The ride itself was pretty cool and funny but somewhere between Cologne and Frankfurt we got so scared because of the traffic. Those stupid truck drivers changed the track without giving a shit or a sign what they're doing next. I mean, we can't know if they want to change it or not! Seriously.. some of them should keep their dirty hands away from their steering wheal -.-

At around 8:00 pm we arrived just in time to see the first act. Even if we didn't want to. We were just happy that we finally arrived in Tübingen

Support Act: Glasperlenspiel

And again, I still don't like their music even if they became pretty famous here in Germany. But the crowd seemed to like it so it was 'OK'.

Main Act: Carpark North

Still doing one happy dance after another that we really managed to go to Tübingen. So yes, I've been to every show on their little Germany Tour.

It was pretty full when we got in so it was kinda impossible for us to stand somewhere in the first row. But we found a spot - for us alone! We had to place ourselves in front of Søren again and the reason why no one was there was because it was something like a corner where you could barely see the entire stange but it wasn't that bad. We could see everything we wanted to see : ) Behind and next to Søren was some kind of 'labyrinth' of cables and speakers so we were pretty sure that it was impossible for Lau to run and scream at me (like he did the few times before xD). But yeah.. we were wrong..

Guys, what can I tell you about that show. When we heard the first beats of 'Burn it' I looked over to Corinna and was like "Are we really here? Is that reality?" and just replied "I DON'T KNOW!" Aren't we confused? : )



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