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Carpark North in Bochum @ Matrix (11/13/11)

Location: Matrix, Bochum

Date: 11/13/2011

Support Act: Rubylux

Doors: 08:00 pm

Pictures: click on the heart

Videos: on my YouTube Channel .. øgain!

Distance: 301 km



11/12/11 - Flensburg

11/13/11 - Bochum

11/14/11 - Hamburg

11/24/11 - Tübingen


As you may remember from my Flensburg post, I had to leave very early that morning to catch my train 5:20 am. It was such a bad day for me cuz my dad died on November 13th in 1998 and I felt pretty bad that I went on a concert, you know, celebrating. But yeah.. have to get over it somehow. 

I arrived at around 11:40 am in Oberhausen and my friend + her boyfriend wanted to wait at the track for me but no one was there so I went outside (wrong way out again..) then she called and asked me where I am and then we saw and ran towards each other. Finally hugging my best friend on this planet - another best feeling. We went outside (right way out this time lol) and got something to eat. Then we drove to her home and had a little breakfast. After that, her boyfriend and me were watching "The Dudesons" while she was curling my hair. She burned my ears btw but I forgave her very quick cuz my hair looked awesome haha. In the evening we picked up another guy and got some food at Mc Donalds. After that we drove directly to Bochum. It's only 45 minutes away from Oberhausen so the ride wasn't that long. 

When we arrived we checked the situation at the door and found our friend Bianca there. We hadn't had to wait that long but it was so cold that we waited in the car. When we went back to the door I took out my purse to get my ticket and then Corinna saw the pic of my dad and noticed that today was "the day". She wanted to talk about that with me but I denied.. mhh..

After finally getting into that building we tried to find the 'room' where they'll play and we had to go downstairs for that. People who know me know that I'm pretty clumsy and guess what? I fell down the fucking stairs and yes, I did hurt myself but I had to laugh so hard that I could forget the pain. Silly me. After a short time of waiting we could get in and we placed ourselves again in front of Søren. Okay, I was pretty much in the middle..

Support Act: Rubylux

I was so damn happy to see them again. Really really like their music I told the guys in Flensburg that I'll also come to Bochum and when they came on stage, Rob noticed and smiled at me hihihi. 

Clark put out his shoes and played on his socks. For whatever reason. I was just glad that the floor wasn't slippery.. oh and I catched one of Mike's drumsticks!! Seriously, he killed that thing. It's completely messed up - after 6 songs! Not even Morten's sticks are like that and he had to play more songs LOL. 

All in all their part was amazing again and Corinna and me decided to pick one of their song as, you know, our song. It's 'Screaming Surrender'. We both are in love with that song and actually listened to it the whole time.. I love you sweety :*

Main-Act: Carpark North

Haaa.. Carpark North. I love these guys. Here are some things I can remember..

Søren almost fell over one of his speakers. Glad that he didn't.

I cried like a baby while they've played "Lost". I connect this song with my dad so.. I think I don't have to explain anything :/ And Corinna told me that Lau and I think Søren saw it.. that's so awkward.. oh my gosh..

Before they've started playing "Shutdown" Lau asked "Who gonna get drunk tonight?" and raised his hand. Corinna and me too hahaha after that he asked "Who gonna work tomorrow?" and raised his hand again. And Søren too :D I recorded it, HERE is the video

Søren knelt down in front of us and said "Hello". Well.. Hello Søren!

Morten gave his absolutely best again. He was just playing his drums so hard, you could actually see how his muscles were burning. But it was awesome.. as always. 

Lau ran towards me again. Just like in Flensburg.. that made me a bit happier again So tak for that man, you really helped me :')

I catched another drumstick that day. It was from Morten. But Corinna hadn't had anything from Carpark North (except for Søren Shirt) and I already had a few guitar picks that I decided to give her his stick. You're welcome dear. And Søren gave both of us a guitar pick.. now I have 1 from Lau and 3 from Søren. LOL.

After the show we went to the bar to get something to drink. We noticed that it was allowed to smoke inside so we hadn't had to go outside. Yay! We waited a bit until a few people were gone and then we went to our beloved guys. I couldn't say anything cuz I still felt so.. yeah, pretty much ashamed but Corinna managed everything haha. 

I don't know why but somehow that other guy (his name is Lars) and me where 'alone'. Corinna and Dima where gone. But I waited with Lars cuz he wanted a picture with Carpark North and I had the camera. When I took the picture of them Morten was like "You wanted to take a picture too, right?" and I was just like "N'ah, don't know. We took one yesterday but it was way too dark." He: "Yeah, I remember that.." and after that I found myself between him and Lau. Lars took a picture of us and this one is a little bit to shiny.. øgain. And you know what? Lau actually stroked over my back.. I think he tried to comfort me cuz I was still sad and just not happy you know.. that was cute ^_^ Here is the picture..


Woho, got the Carpark North Hoodie as you can see. 

Lars and me went to the wardrobe to get our jackets. On the way to it we found Rubylux. I saw the chance and asked them if they could sign my drumstick and they made it! Rob actually draw their Logo on it.. worked out pretty good. Love it! Every guy signed it and then we started talking a little bit. Told them that I'm going to Hamburg aswell and Clark said "You're crazy." Me: "Well.. thank you." he went on "..but in a good way." and smiled at me I know I am. And they've asked me for my name and where I come from. Adam actually asked for my twitter name so I wrote it down on one of their autograph cards hihi. Don't know who but someone said proudly "We tweet back!!!" yes, they do. So please follow the guys on twitter, they're so nice

After that we drove back to Oberhausen. When we arrived we got ready for bed but before we talked a bit about everything and had something to eat. Actually never said thanks to Corinna and Dima because they slept on the couch and I slept in the bed.. thank you :* 

Corinna tried to wake me up in the morning and she laughed because I had the blanket over my head lol We actually wanted to go to Hamburg at 07:00 am but we changed our plans and started our tour at 11:00 am. More about that in my Hamburg review

The show was amazing even if it was a sad day for me. Everyone tried to cheer me up and I'm grateful to have friends like that. I love love love you all and thank you for everything <3

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