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Carpark North in Flensburg @ MAX (11/12/11)

Location: MAX, Flensburg

Date: 11/12/2011

Support Act: Rubylux

Doors: 7:30 pm

Pictures: click > HERE

Videos: on my YouTube Channel . As always

Distance: 357 km



11/12/11 - Flensburg

11/13/11 - Bochum

11/14/11 - Hamburg

11/24/11 - Tübingen


This is the beginning of the best time of my life.

Went to Flensburg by train again. 4 1/2 hours isn't that long Me and my friend from Berlin planned to meet us there and book a little Hostel-Room where we could sleep in. You have to know that my friend wanted to go to Hamburg too so she slept there a little bit longer I had to leave early that next morning (Carpark North in Bochum!) but I'll tell you later

It was veery dark when I arrived in Flensburg so I took a cab that brought me to the hostel. I had a suitcase with me and I thought that it won't be that good to go to a concert with it ;D The driver was super nice. I've asked him if he could wait for me while I bring my suitcase into our room cuz I didn't wanted to call another cab that brings me to the venue. And he did it

After 'we' arrived there I found my friend Anja, already waiting there for me. We went inside cuz it was freezing cold. There weren't so many people and we thought how fun it would be if they play the show only for the 5 of us :D But there were a lot more people there, don't worry After a little fight with one of the Security Guys (he was smoking inside the building and told other one's to leave it to smoke outside) we placed ourselves in front of Søren.

Support Act: Rubylux

Amazing talented guys from Brighton, UK. When I first listened to them I was like "Gosh. What the hell is that" but I was totally wrong. Their music, their show and live performance is brilliant! And they're totally nice and funny Three songs got me on that evening. Screaming Surrender, What you need and They sold you. Listen to them and you'll understand what I mean

I found a sticker on one of their speakers. It was from Gumball 3000! That made me so happy cuz Ryan Dunn (R.I.P) and Bam Margera participated it in.. don't know, 2005? So his soul was there.. kinda You have to know that I'm a huge Jackass fan since I'm little..

At the end, Clark jumped into the crowd and played his bass there. That was cool! Just couldn't take a picture or video of it.. stupid video function (I'M SEXY AND I KNOW IT #nowplaying so sorry xD can't concentrate xD) sucked øgain.. I actually love the way he's playing his bass btw..

Main Act: Carpark North

Fuck yeah. Waited so long to see them live again and it was finally the day. My heart was beating uncontrollably (Ok, I'm heartsick, that's normal but you know? xD) Their show was more than amazing. I'll list a few great moments of the show for you now.. (it's not the right order, just so you know it haha)

1. I don't know in which song but my friend (she's in a wheelchair) totally rocked to Carpark North. Headbanging and all. And then, Mr. Balsner knelt down in front of her and kinda started batteling her! I couldn't take a video of it cuz my video function sucked again at this moment but here's a little picture of it...

That was and looked so fun! After they've finished their little battle he was just like "Yeaaah" and pointed at her. Just for the record: she didn't even noticed that he knelt down in front of her, she was totally shocked when I told it. Ha!

2. Another Balsner thing. Lau and Søren were talking about something and all of a sudden, yes, Søren hit me with his Bass. Right in the face! He didn't even notice it and it wasn't that hard but it hurt.. a bit.. My friend was just laughing at me so thank you both for that.

3. Lau's shoe laces were open and he was like "That must be a good sign." but no Lau. It's not. Just remember Ruisrock + Just Human and you'll understand why we had to laugh that hard :D

4. Again, I don't know in which song but Lau ran towards me.. know what I mean? He was still on stage but ran right in front of me and just started to rock like "WOOHOO!" and me too. HAHAHA like.. everytime

5. Save me from myself. I have no words.. At pretty much the end Søren and Lau stopped singing so we could sing the song and it sounds sooo beautiful! After our part was done, Søren went to Lau's microphone and they both sang into the same mic. As my friend would say.. that was a *magic moment*

6. At the end of the show, Morten gave his totally best. He almost smashed his drum kit and we were all like "HELL YEAH!" xD It is really amazing how he's playing the drums. In my little world, he's the best one

After the show we sat down on a couch cuz I felt a little bit dizzy. We actually had to wait until there was enough 'space' for us to go to Carpark and after a little while we could go and say hi. Søren and Anja talked about golden shoes and Lau and me talked about the book we gave 'em in Bochum. When I asked him he was just like "Fuck, I forgot them in Copenhagen.. FUCK!" Yeah.. LMAO Lau. No problem We just kept on talking, dunno about what, and then we took the darkest group picture in the world. But I love it anyways

You can barely see anthing. It wasn't my fault btw one of their Roadies took the picture xD But yay, thanks for trying!

After that we wanted to go outside but then we met the guys from Rubylux! They're super cool and totally nice! We got some stickers, autographs and buttons from them. While Anja was buying the CD I looked out of the window and thought that it snowed cuz it was so white outside and Clark came over and was like "Yeah.. you're right! It's not snow but-but it's all frozen!" Ha, lovely guy. We also had the chance to take group picture and I'm so happy! :D There you go..

(left to right) Rob, Mike, Adam, Anja, Clark and Me Someone said "Spaghetti".. I think it was Clark LOL

After that we went go to our hostel room (by cab) where we planned to sleep but I was still excited that we decided to stay awake. We looked at the first pictures and then fell a little bit asleep. At around 4 am we had to wake up cuz my train to Oberhausen went at 5:20 am and I had to pack my things and all..  You maybe remember? Carpark North concert in Bochum! Oberhausen isn't that far away from Bochum and I wanted to meet my best friend first and she's also a Carpark North fan so we went together The journey took about 6 1/2 hours which was.. yeah.. OK. Anja stayed in the hostel til Monday (Carpark North in Hamburg xD).

I felt pretty alone in the train cuz no one else was there. But then a man came in and we played cards together. That was fun!  

I think this is the end now. The show was totally fun and amazing, the guys where as nice as always and I found a new and awesome new band! Successful evening :D

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