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Carpark North in Bochum @ Bochum Total (07/22/11)

Location: Bermudadreieck, Bochum (Festival)

Date: 07/22/2011

Support Act: nope, just Flo Mega played before

Doors: outside > no doors. they started around.. 6 pm

Pictures: camera sucked .__.

Videos: ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑

Distance: 301 km


Alright. Bochum Festival. In the middle of the town. That was cool! Like, really cool! I went to Bochum by train, my favorite public transportation service (what the..haha). Three people waited for me at the train station and one of them, Corinna, became my best friend (and she still is :*) ♥ So, we went back to the stage and as I just wrote, it was in the middle of the town (outside) We were pretty much the first one's there but it wasn't that bad because it was warm so we hadn't had to freeze xD

We made some presents for Carpark North. Three little black books (handwritten!) called "Tysk for begyndere" or "German for beginners". Corinna made the book for Søren, Bianca for Morten and I made one for Lau. We just had no idea how we could get the books to them.. All of a sudden Corinna screamed Lau's name coz he was on stage! Little Soundcheck and all.. She asked him if he could get the other guys so that everyone was able to give the presents personally. And he did it. Only a few moments later he got the other guys to us. That was so cool! Morten was kinda proud and, you'll see it later, he actually held the book up on every picture xD Lau was the whole time like "This is fucking awesome" or "That's fucking amazing!" and Søren was just happy and asked "How did you guys do that? Do you speak Danish?" but Corinna told them that we have friends in Denmark who helped us with the our project. They also started reading the book while we were talking and, I don't know who, played with the little CN clock :-D That was so cute! We also had a little flag for them but I'll tell you later about that.

We asked them about the merch and where the merch-stand would be and they were SUPER helpful. Søren went backstage and when he came back he told us that the bus ,with the merch in it, is locked and that he couldn't find the guy with the keys but a few minutes later he "checked the situation" again and carried a big box with merch back to us. I mean, who would do that for their fans? HELLO? XD So, after that, Corinna and me asked Søren if they still sell that one special hyper super cool Carpark North T-Shirt but he said no and went backstage again. When he came back he was carrying his personal T-Shirt (the one that we both really wanted to have) and he just looked at Corinna and me and was like "This is the only T-Shirt I have left, my personal one. You can have it if you want to." OMG. What a situation. I think we were both a little bit overwhelmed but then I looked over to Corinna and saw her super happy face.. she really had to get it and so I said that she can have it (I wouldn't fit in anyways lol) and Søren promised that it was washed BUT it smelled like him and we found some hair on it.. yeah Søren. It's washed. Of course ;-) Bianca bought two T-Shirts and I got one too (so.. actually 3 T-Shirts) When we gave Søren the money he just put it all in his hand and waved it in the air. Bianca was like "Now you're a rich man." and he seemed to be very happy about that. I mean, 60 €. Have it - or leave it. He started laughing and I said "You can bring us a beer now." what made him laugh a bit more but we never got a beer from him.. 'sadly'. xD

We also had the chance to take some pictures with them. A big group picture and single pictures. You'll see them in 3... 2... 1...

As you can see on the left bottom picture: Morten was still holding the book :D And yes, my Søren picture is way to white but my friend is trying to fix it. But I like it anyways :')

This is the group picture. (left to right) Søren & Corinna, Morten (still holding his book) & Bianca and Lau & me

The show itself was way to short but it was totally amazing. I think the guys had their fun - and we had our fun too. When they started to play "The Beasts" we put out the flag and held it up. Morten noticed it first and started smiling at us and Lau noticed it too! He really pointed at us and it was kinda like the best feeling ever. We also got the attention of the photographers, I think they liked our idea and we made it into some local newspapers and some websites. YAY TO US! Here is one of the pictures..


It really was a great show even if it was too short. We left the place when they've finished their part to meet them again and to give them the flag. And we met them again hihi A few people were there too and Carpark gave autographs and we could take a few more pictures. Before we took another picture, Corinna and me went to Lau and told him that they can have the flag and he was like "Really? I can have that?" and I thought "Why "I"? It's made for everyone" but I never said that..XD After a little while he realized that we wanted to give him the flag and all he said was "Thank you so much, I'll put it on my wall at home." or something like that. Another cool thing! Our flag is (maybe) hanging around in his home! WIN!! After that I could take another picture with them.. Here it is!


Cool, huh? :D 

After taking a few more pictures we tried to find the merch stand because Bianca bought her shirts in the wrong sizes. It took a loooong while to find it but when we arrived who was there selling T-Shirts? Mr. Søren Balsner. I mean really, they played an exhausting show and instead of taking a little break he is selling their own T-Shirts on their merch-stand. BRAVO! We had the chance (no more pictures xD) to talk to him for a while and he seemed to be pretty relaxed and nice. We told him where we come from and how our names are and he could say my name! It isn't that hard but everytime when someone asks me what my name is they're all like "Loren? Doren? Laura? Franziska?" and that made me a little bit proud We also talked a bit about twitter because he is following Corinna there and he actually promised me to follow me to > but he's not. And it's November now. Shame on you! :D Whatever.. after that we had to hurry cuz it was time to leave for me. It was around 8 pm and my train went at 8:21 pm. Ok, it was 5 minutes overdue but that was ok

All in all, the show was amazing, we were happy to give them our little presents and I'm pretty sure they liked them (and maybe us too? :P)

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