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Carpark North in Berlin @ Comet Club (04/22/11)

Location: Comet Club, Berlin

Date: 04/22/2011

Support Act: Glassperlenspiel

Doors: 7:30 pm

Pictures: click right > HERE <

Videos: quality is way too bad xD

Distance: 233 km


The show was amazing. First time I saw them as the main-act! I was so excited when I went to Berlin. Two of my friends, they live there, got me from the train station and we went straight to the venue. We were too early. No one else was there so we decided to go around the corner to get some coffee Later, around 5 pm or so, we were still the only ones. But there was a couch and some chairs where we could sit on and all of a sudden: Søren came across the place and I was like, sorry about that, "OMG, that's Morten!" and my friends were like "Yeah? Is this one guy from Carpark?" Yeah, I know that it wasn't Morten but hey, I was nervous :D Søren knocked at the back door but no one opened and we could hear that one guy knocking at exact the same door before and he used some kind of "knocking sign" so my friend screamed "There's a special knocking sign!" and I was like "It goes like that *knock knock - knock knock*" and guess what? He really knocked on the door like that and someone opened it :D That was so funny, it's actually one of my favorite memories ever.

We were in the first row, between Lau and Søren. I was pretty much right in front of Lau and the stage weren't that high so I was kinda scared that he'll hit me with his microphone stand.. but it never happened. LUCKILY! 

Support Act: Glasperlenspiel

Who gives a shit. No words. Not my music. I don't like them.

Main Act: Carpark North


  • Burn It
  • Best Day
  • Beasts
  • Lost
  • More
  • Homeland
  • Fireworks
  • Shutdown
  • Eric Prydtz Remix
  • Leave My Place
  • Heart Of Me
  • Transparent And Glasslike
  • Just Human
  • Save Me From Myself
  • Everything Starts Again
  • Shall We Be Grateful


PS: I got the setlist. It's on my wall now ♥

The highlight was definitely "Heart of Me" because Lau, Morten and Søren sung it! I just couldn't find a proper video to show it but you can trust me when I say that every Carpark guy is completely talented in playing their instrument and in singing the songs. I or we knew that Søren is a good singer too and we were super surprised when Morten started. We were all kinda like "What the hell...?" (in a good way!!!!) It was beautiful. Do it again.

After the show, we waited a few minutes and the guys got ready to give some autographs. I got 2 guitar picks from Lau. Don't know why he gave me 2, but yay. I couldn't say a word except for "Could you please sign my ticket and the set list." and that nice and warm "Of course." was just...I don't know.. ahaha I'll never forget how fucking nervous I was :D Whatever, it's cute. One of my friends got Søren's guitar pick and she asked him to sign it and he really managed to sign this little thing Good job! After that we had to wait a few more minutes, while everyone else had to left, cuz we needed to get into the elevator and the Roadie said that we have to wait there. Soo Søren and Lau were still there and we asked them If we could take a picture with them and here they are!

The elevator scene. God damn it. We were stuck in that fucking elevator (you have to know, i hate them. Really. Like, REALLY!) with some roadies and Carpark's instruments. I mean, we were where we wanted to be but I think the doors were just tired and they didn't really felt like open themselves anymore. After 10 minutes we were finally free and my friends and me started singing "I've been looking for freedome" without thinking that the guys could be near us. And I really hope they weren't XD


               Lau & Me                                        Søren & Me


Morten was kinda lost... don't know where he went...

Just as I've written, the show was amazing and of course not the last one

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